HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

Contact: fromfuneralskies @

Review for Dead Body Collection - Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven from Roger Batty

From April 2015  here we have a double C80 cassette box set that brings together a selection of out-of-print releases from this highly prolific Serbian walled noise project. The set compiles  together tracks from nine 3inch CDR releases, which appeared between the years 2010 & 2012 on various underground noise labels. The box set came in a edition of 50 copies. The two professional duplicated & printed tapes come in a fairly bulky yet squat white vinyl case- the outside of this features a macabre orange paper collage sleeve artwork which takes in a mix of pictures of grotesque face lumps, insects, and medical book diagrams of cut open bodies. The set also includes a pro printed 8 page black & white/ glossy inlay booklets, and this features pictures of the project along with full details of each release. All in all a really nice looking item, which is sadly now out of print with the label, but as of writing there are a few copies available of discogs. Or you can download the whole release over at DBC's bandcamp page here

The release runs in chronological order, and each track has a running time between the ten to twenty minute mark.  First up we have on side A we have two tracks, and first of these is "Néant Gris"- this track originally appeared back in 2010 on French wall-noise label anarchofreaksproduction. The  tracks a fairly typically, though rewardingly intense slice of fixed HNW- it brings together a deep buzzing roast, with a grimy & grim dense static grind, all to create a oppressive & densely seared wall.   The second track on side A comes in the form of “Incomplete Fracture”- this originally appeared on Ireland’s Bored Bear recordings also in 2010. The track finds a deep churning & slightly industrial like worming drone, that is edged by a continual circling mass of chopping & slightly juddering noise tones.

Flipping over to side B, and first up we have the track "I'm Nothing", and once again this track appeared in 2010- this time on French power electronics/ Harsh Noise label  Corrosive Art Records. The ‘wall’ is a boorish, muffled & crushing mix of deep, bone-grind & rapid bass rumble, and this skittered with a twisting & hazed  maelstrom of billowing, cluttering & coarse grained noise matter. Second on side B we have “Her Nails Against My Skin”, and once again this is from 2010 & appeared on the SSIP PISS label.  This track brings together a  truly massive & punishing bass bound billow, and these is strewn with buried & muffled noise elements taking in ringing & moody semi harmonics, clamouring  yet hazed judders, and pelting hammerings. The track is a great balance of truly battering intensity, and more moody/ buried undercarriage.
Moving onto tape two & side C, and first up we have "This Is The Hell That You Created For Me", which comes from 2012 & the British Quagga Curious Sounds label. This track is a bit of a departure from the projects normal overloaded; bass bound, and mainly fixed sound. As starts off been built around a mix of pared back rushing wind textures, and layers of building & growing billowing & juddering noise textures. over time the track builds up it’s density & depth, though it does still thin back, and through-out retains quite a atmospheric & seared emotional  feel.  Second on side C we have “I´d Fallen Before, But It Never Hurt Like This”- this track is from 2012, and appeared on Us noise label Violent Noise Atrocities. It brings together a thick constantly boiling bass of  taut billow, with a thin haze of skittering ‘n’ spinning noise matter.
Flipping over to the last side, and we have three more  tracks. First of these is "The World Is A Beautiful Place...", and this comes from 2012 & was the first track on SSIP PISS release I Have Such Sights to Show You. This track brutally melds of rattling ‘n’ rumble bass descent, with grating mid-ranged junk metal repetition. Second up we the other track from the I Have Such Sights to Show You, and this comes in the form of "...To Be Trapped Inside". This sees a thick & bothersome blend of  two bass bound, murky, and blunt tones- we have a deep aquatic billowing & slightly crust bound juddering. Last up on side D we have "A Constellation Of Scars", and this originally appeared in 2012 on German label L White Records which mainly puts out power electronic releases.  This ‘wall’  brings together a mid-paced churning ‘n’  juddering blunt bass base, with a cluttering ‘n’ grinding top layer of mid range static.
So in summing this is tape set is really a great bringing together of some the shorter releases from this most  highly prolific & mostly extreme brutal walled noise project. Sure it’s not the most varied sounding of releases, but there is enough variation from track to track to make it worthy, and it’s great to have these tracks all in one place, and in a rather neat looking box set.
Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty