HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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Review for Dead Body Collection - Vaginal Anomalies from Roger Batty

This six CDR box set presents the listener with six seventy minute plus slices of some of the most brutal & truly unforgiving harsh noise wall you’ll ever have heard. The set also has probably the one of most disturbing themes I’ve ever seen-  the different abnormalities that can occur in a female human babies vaginas, with the set including medical pictures of these abnormalities, along with a eight page booklet detailing the abnormalities- so this is certainly a release for those who can take both sonic & visual extremes. The release comes from one of the prolific HNW artists around- Serbian based Dead body Collection, who since late summer 2009 has released well over a hundred releases.  This box set features material from 2011, and originally it was meant to have been released in that year by Santa Ana, CA based HNW label Absence Tapes, but for one reason or another it never did. It finally appeared in a edition of 30 copies on Dead Bodies Collections own label Victimology Records in December 2012.
The six CDRs come in six disc DVD case, and the cases cover features a selection of grim black & white medical pictures of various vagina abnormalities, and surgery on them. Also inside the case is a eight page black & white booklet, which takes in texts detailing the diffent types of vaginal abnormities & these are underlaid by grim medical black & white pictures, that are often arranged into deranged shapes.  To top it off each of the discs also features black & white labels, which take in even more disturbing infant surgery pictures.

So lets move onto the extreme sonics’ with-in, and basically each of the six discs offers up a single track of extremely intense, thick & mostly fixed walled noise.  And opening up the set on disc one we have the track “Cloacal Anomalies”, and this 76.17 track is built a rapidly billowing & raging bass drone, which is tautly weaved into slightly thinner yet no less brutal mid-ranged jittering ‘n’ juddering tone.  It’s a intense start to the set, and really the intensity never really dips for the next five to six hours runtime of the box set.

Disc two is taken up by the 74.27 of “Congenital Vaginal Obstruction”, which is all about muffled and thick drilling ‘n’ juddering static weight, which has crisper & thinner on/off pattern  of static churn added around it. This ‘wall’ has a truly muffling & enclosing feel to it- giving the feeling of getting wrapped deeper & deeper in a mesh of coarse cotton wool & bandagers; as a strange medical equipment  keeps churning on ‘n’ off  outside your  medical wrapped cocoon. At a few points along the tracks long & punishing length we get either subtle layer shifts or second long textural sustains, but really most of the track is very much a fixed & intense walled noise affair.

Onto disc three, and we have the track “Fusion And Duplication”, which comes in at the 73.48 mark. This ‘wall’ starts off been built around a rapid & taut bass billow, which has thinner mid-ranged jittering ‘n’ buffeting almost tearing  static noise textures attached to it. Later on the thinner mid -ranged element is replaced for a time by a condensed, descending  & dense static crackle, but further on we go once again we move back towards the original tonal pattern.  Once again this is another slice of very taut & tense walled noise , yes you do get some shift in the thinner layers of noise tone, but the ‘wall’ always remains full & thick through-out.

Taking up disc four we have the near-on disc filling length of  “Urogenital Sinus”, which comes in at 79.29.  And this 'wall' starts off been built around a firm & taut low-end  roasted drilling, which has a one or two layers of on/off crackling grained noise patterning added to it.  Also deep in the mix I’m sure I can make this disturbing wind type tone, which could either be a wind sample or maybe some strange muffled-up voice texture loop.  This track is a nice mix of brutality and buried uneasy and save for the  few  subtle shifts in it’s layer patterns this ‘wall’ remains fixed & firm. This is one of my favourite tracks/discs of the set

Disc five is taken up by “Vaginal Agenesis”, which comes 76.13 mark. And this ‘wall’ opens up been built around a rapid juddering & bass bound tone, which has around it jittering & brutally semi aquatic tinged spinning subtones- the whole thing brings to mind been trapped inside a industrial washing machine that’s set on full speed.

And lastly on disc six we have “Bacterial Vaginosis”, which is another of the lengthy tracks here at 78:57 mark. And  this ‘wall’ is built around a mixture of tied down ‘n’ pummelling rapid bass billowing that is  mixed with two or three layers of rapid jittering. Sadly this track sounds a little too similar to a few of the early ‘walls’ on this release, and it very much feels like DBC is just going through the monitions. So I’d say this is the least rewarding of the six discs on offer here.

This set really does offer up six slices of truly brutal, intense & unrelenting walled noise- with most of the ‘wall’s managing to balance head battering intensity with relatively varied & at times quite clever conceived textural layers. This is certainly not the release for some one whose new to this project or the HNW scene at large, but if you’re a seasoned DBC follower & wall-head this is worth a look- and I believe there may still be one or two copies of this left( according to website of Victimology Records here)

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty