HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

No contact.

Review for Dead Body Collection - Under My Hands... She Dies On The Hospital Bed from Roger Batty

"Under My Hands….She Dies On The Hospital Bed” finds this highly prolific Serbian HNW project offering up a c20 release. The tape features two just shy of ten minute slices of brutal yet creative walled noise.
The tape appears in the Murder Cult Editions series (which is a series of releases on uk based KIKS/GFR). The pro labelled white text on black background tapes, come in a fittingly grim pro-printed cassette sleeve that takes in a colour picture of a bare chested women being strangled with a leather belt.

On side one we have the track “While She Sleeps...”, and this track starts off being built around: a fixed mid-paced bass billowing tone, a sustained mid-ranged hissing noise sear, and a series of darting almost tuneful electro points.  At the two minute mark a more crust bound mid paced ‘n’ fixed rolling judder is added into the ‘wall’, as the small darting electro points drop-out, but the rest of the elements stay in place. At around the 8.45 mark the ‘wall’ thins down slightly, and the effective darting electro points return as the track fades out.

On side two we have the track “Her Dying Beauty, Pale Face And Forever Eyes Closed”, and this ‘wall’ starts off with a mix of: a slowed, muffled & slightly shifting judder, a faster line of thinner jittering static, and a distant fixed battering tone. Around the minute forty mark a more pronounced & slightly dragging slowed judder is added to the ‘wall’, as the track very effectively starts to thickening up around you in a most rewarding & constricting manner. As the track progresses DBC skilfully manipulates the complex layers of noise texturing in a most subtle & atmospherically enclosing manner.

Both sides of tape here are damn intense, yet both are equally rewarding in their cleverly thought-out textural patterns shift 'n' weave.  It’s safe to say this is one of the recent highlights in this project pretty much constantly growing discography. The release comes in an edition of 40 copies, so all been well you should still be able to get your hands on a copy of this.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty