HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

Contact: fromfuneralskies @

Review for Horrible Mess / Dead Body Collection - Dedicated To Nothing from Roger Batty

“Dedicated To Nothing” is a two disc CDR collaborative HNW release- it brings together the highly prolific & mostly brutally unforgiving 'walls' of Serbian based Dead Body Collection, and the brutal yet often sonically descriptive  ‘walls’ of Canadian based Horrible Mess.

The two CDR’s come in a thin DVD case that features extremely minimal black & white art work. It just takes in a few lines of  black typed text on a white background- with the rest of the cover just taking in pure black-ness.

The first disc takes in a single thirty minute solo track from each of the projects, and the second disc takes in a hour long collaboration between the pair. So all told you have just over two hours worth of battering & brutalizing HNW on offer here.

So first up on disc one we have a untitled Horrible Mess track. This opens up with a fading in line of muffled & hazed chugging ‘n’ juddering noise which is underfed by a growing hissing tone- I guess you’d say to start with the track has quite a ANW/ HNW cross breed vibe to it with the muffled & hazed tones blended with the more intense & building tones. At around the three minute twenty mark the textures dip down for a brief cluttering plate texture, before the mass of the ‘wall’ becomes thicker & thicker. By just before the 5th minute we seem to have got to a thicker density & mass of sound, and this takes in: a low ‘n’ deep rumbling/ billowing tone, a jittering & juddering lower to mid ranged static noise texture, and a crisper & tighter jittering tone. As the ‘wall’ progresses it’s mass remains incredible thick & dense through-out, yet there are great & effective shifts with-in the layer patterns & texture, such as: grinding & jittering textural rips, more tumbling billow bound descents, and thinner grain jitters & sweeps, more pelting judders & grainy splutters, etc. This track is damn thick and punishing, yet Horrible Mess adds in effective textural progressions along the tracks length that really keep your attention fixed through-out- all told it’s a most brutally appealing track!.

Next on the first disc we have the Dead Body Collection track, and this entitled “For Nothing”.  The tracks a great bass-skull-drilling mixture of pummelling & raging low-end rapid juddering, and jittering ‘n’ ripping static mid-range. As the track progresses I can make out a few subtle shifts with in the ‘wall’s sound layers, as DBC slides in layers of billowing yet slowly slice jittering into the mass of sound- yet like the first track this remains firm & dense through-out. In it’s last few minutes DBC sends these great jittering like glitches though the track to great effect. The track is extremely intense, overloaded & complete inescapable- DBC staple guns you down to the carpet & batters/ rages at you in a truly unflinching & extreme manner. All told this is suitable effective & brutal slice of walled noise.

Disc two offers up the single collaborative track which is entitled “Dedicated To Nothing”. And this track ups the intensity from the first discs tracks( if that’s possible!) , with a truly brutal mixture of tunnelling bass bound noise drone, fixed thunder or flame like rumbling, and a mat of jittering slightly crusty low-to-mid range noise. The ‘wall’ has a more mid-paced/ doomed subterranean type vibe to it compared to the more rapid feel of the first disc tracks. Also this track has no movement in it at all, it’s just a fixed & complete brutal slice of thick & unmoving walled noise. The track finds the pair creating a truly great slice of dense fixed texturally brutality- you can certainly hear DBC’s bass bound weight in the track, but you can also make out Horrible Mess distinctive take on walled noise too.

So to sum-up this is a most effective & truly brutal two disc HNW set- with the first disc offering up two effective & intense slices of solo walled noise, and the second disc offering up an even more intense yet additive slice of fixed yet dense walled noise. Here’s hoping these two projects work together again soon, as this release was most rewarding through-out.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty