HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

No contact.

Great review for Dead Body Collection – In Her Orbit, I Was Burned from Joeph Gates

If you are looking for a nice driving harsh wall of noise that will not let you down, Dead Body Collection from Serbia always provides enjoyable sound. Dead Body Collection (heretofore referred to as DBC) has releases on a wide variety of noise labels, and many of them (including this one) are in rather limited editions. DBC released an excellent cdr a few years back that was more themed around the topic of sexual murder/serial killing, but the track titles and artwork for this one have a more plaintive kind of feeling that is new to me for this project. Utilizing cosmic/interstellar themes, this tape evokes the idea of desire and love being trapped in a void of lonely astral blackness. The themes of sexual murder and Giallo kinds of things was quite common at the time that DBC was first forming, and it is interesting to see the project grow and develop in scope. One of the main complaints that detractors of the Harsh Noise Wall genre had during the past few years is that all of the projects had themes that were too similar, but nowadays you would be hard-pressed to find two actively existing projects within the genre with the exact same themes being explored.

Similar to the art movement of abstract expressionism, the Harsh Noise Wall genre is easy to deride and lump into a category. Upon closer inspection one can detect a wide variety of subtle deviances and unknowns. There is a certain element of one’s mind finding meaning in chaos when listening to “noise music” in general, but it is no coincidence that many who take the time to indulge these passions find a similar meaning in it. Within noise music, there is a great deal of backbiting and judgemental feelings as in any other, but for those who truly love the sound as an expression of some deeper influence that is beyond mortality there is a bond that cannot be broken. An internal feeling that recognizes its own reflection in the work of others, these harsh and chaotic sounds where meaning can sometimes be found. In so many ways, it reflects harshness and chaos of existence itself, in an attempt to trascend the mundane through passion and extremity. Hence the fixation on death that is so common in noise. Much like the classic punk band Suicide, although the names and ideas in noise can be harsh and shocking, the sound is ultimately a celebration of life in all it’s various aspects.

The sound of this tape is a little bit different from the Dead Body Collection material that I am familiar with… usually there is a stronger “crunch” to the sounds, with a crackly electrical vibe. This tape is more bass-driven but with a distant cold electronic atmosphere in the back of it somewhere, buried in the full force of the rushing sound that dominates this tape. The mood is very much in line with the cosmic theme of the track titles and artwork. There is something that is poetic and beautiful about this release, and it lasts long enough to really get into each side and enjoy what Dr. Alex brings to the table here. The sincerity is evident in the work, and as expectations are left behind one can be attracted to the sense of immolation found within. As the world grows more cynical and soulless, the harsh noise underground will continue to exist in an artistic attempt to keep alive the human soul. Whether or not you are coming along for the ride is up to you.

Rating: 3.5/5

by Joseph Gates

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