HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

No contact.

Great review for HNW Vol.1 – Homage To Harsh Noise Wall Tapes 4xcdr from Djordje Miladinovic

If you’re into harsh noise wall aestetics and in the this type of genre generally, then you must have heard for the Dead Body Collection, harsh noise wall project from Belgrade, Serbia. Dr. Alex, who stands behind this project is also known as [C. T. D.] or Creation Through Destruction, powefull harsh noise project. Dead Body Collection released almost 70 releases so far, if I can recall clearly, so that’s the more then a solid proof how much Dr. Alex is active on the noise scene in these days.

The title of the release say it all. Dr. Alex wanted to pay homage to the fellow noisers who are involved on the Harsh Noise Wall Tapes forum. He used sound sources they have created and combine into the 8 chaotic, distorted and high distortion driven tracks full of rage and power, hard enough to tear the walls apart. The whole release is about well known harsh noise wall aestetics,  so if some of you guys ever thought that something like this material can’t be so powerful, I would recommend not to take this harsh noise wall masterpiece for granted.  Dr. Alex used sound sources from Griz+zlor, Självhat, Smrznik, Vomir, Å, Oblive, Svartvit, Werewolf Jerusalem, so I think that’s more than a good reason to grab this release while it lasts.

”HNW Vol. 1 – Homage To Harsh Noise Wall Tapes” comes with good black, red and white cover artwork with the illustration of the Dr. Alex mask he usualy wear during his performances. All of that is packed into a black DVD box adapted for 4 CD-R’s. Grab this harsh noise jewel fast!

by Djordje Miladinovic

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