HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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Sixtiethsecond release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection / Clive Henry split cdr is OUT!!!

I will never forger her.
I was sitting there on the bed waiting for her, listless. Minutes past, and maybe even hours and I was waiting there in silence. I heard squeaking of the door handle. She opened the door, came in and smiled. I didn’t change my face expression. She sat next to me, embraced me and pierced one kiss into my face. She tried to tell me something but words wouldn’t get out of her. She stood up and started stripping her clothes off while staring at my eyes. She was just standing there naked in front of me. In my mind I devoured every part of her. Without waiting for a sign I crashed her down and took my clothes off, bit her cheek and entered inside of her. I was suddenly entering, feeling her warmth and fear. She moaned every time. That aroused me even more and later it drove me mad. I squeezed her neck while I was getting in her stronger and deeper. She stopped breathing. She didn’t resist anymore. She gave me everything. She let me cut open her stomach and play with her interior. She was beautiful from inside. Red, tasty and aromatic. I was caressing her from within, kissing her, helding her while the fluid of love flowed everywhere around and over me. She loved me. That night I fell asleep beside her and awoke beside her. It lasted for next few days and perhaps months. Her body was decomposing part by part. I loved each layer of her even knowing that she was slowly vanishing.

She is gone now. She left me. Time took her. I will never forget her!

A split cdr with one track from each artist, along with accompanying words and images on cards.

Limited to 35 copies.

For copies contact:
Clive: alittlecreatureATgmailDOTcom