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Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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V.A. - Unlimited and Dumb #2

Unlimited and Dumb #2 compilation is OUT on Noisecore Unlimited!!!


Bands: D//Cereghini, Dead Body Collection, The Rossiters, Wolverine Carcass, Disleksick, Powercup, Total Shit Project, Zombie Handsome, Supositoire, Deche-Charge, Gocharge, Chainsaw, Morbid Shit.

unlimited copies. duplicate at will.

From Disleksick page:

What is better than one Samuel Jackson cameo on your tape cover? Well two cameos!

This is the second part of this hopefully long running tape series. This one has a different feel, a different vibe, than the first one. Side A is a tad bit shorter but all new noise, while the B side is all OLD.

The B side is all old Go-Charge records re-issues. I have written about Go Charge stuff before, I down right love it to death. It was the Quebec dudes from Deche-Charge and the like who went on to form bands like DAHMER and MESRINE. Respect.

Here is a little run down of each track:

1. D//Cereghini- Piss On Music.

Once again I find myself on a comp tape. Pissing on music. the night of the Blue Shirts/IxNuds/Fossils/Disleksick show (see Londoom Live Volume One CD-R) I was walking home and pissed on a wall (in the process I kicked out the jams from my body . Hail shitnoise.

2. Dead Body Collection- Helicobacter Pylori

Alex (aka Dead Body Collection) offers up a brutal Harsh Noise Wall track of nothing. Punishment to your ears. Perfect fit for a comp like this. Nothing. No kicking out the jams, no movement, no experimentation, nothing.

3. The Rossiter's- Sam

The opposite of Dead Body Collection. London punk circa 2009. Jordan Mclelland and friends kick out the jams. A little bit of skate, a little bit of '77, alls good in the hood.

4. Wolverine Carcass- Protein Memories

Logan Butler "Kicks Out The Jam". One long and varied harsh noise piece. Quite different in choice of attack from the collab Disleksick did circa early 2010. Once again stellar stuff from the dude with the honour of having the biggest record collection in new york state!

5. Disleksick- Two Wheeled Thief (Live on CHRW)

Our "classic" song (that indeed does kick out the jams). Three piece brutality on the radio, mixed by David from the raw feed. Kick out the James, Andrew and David while you are at it.

6. Powercup- Two Live Tracks

Tabarnak! Renovation through masturbation! Insane PQ grindcore that kicks out the jams and whips out the tool belt. Our brothers in grind, one of the best bands in Canada.

7. Indian Smokes- Untitled

Shitnoisechaoskickoutthejams east coast style. Jamie MacIntosh offers up a track that sounds similar to falling face first down the stairs. Insane stuff.

8. Total Shit Project- At The Dentist

Ewwwww. Zach from xbrainiax offers up one long shit noise track that actually made me a wartorn veteran of harsh noise and noisecore uneasy. Instead of kicking out the jams Zach records a trip to the dentist. Good luck getting through this one!

9. ZombieHandsome- Untitled

Sean from Bovine records kicks out some serious noisecore jams. VIOLENT stuff. What is Bovine Records? Seriously go jump in front of a fucking runaway train if you don't already know. 90's brutality!

Side B can be summed up as SHITNOISE HEAVEN! Suposituire (members of D-C and DAHMER!), an old Deche-Charge traxxx, GoCharge, Chainsaw and Morbid Shit all create quite a brutal racket. Well worth it just for this side of the tape. All of it is available for free download online as well.Link

This tape like all tapes on Noisecore Unlimited Tapes + CD-R's is unlimited. Please duplicate at your own will! I can email you the masters and covers if you want a copy. Sell them to your local church groups and seniors homes.