HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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Review for Dead Body Collection / Ekunhaashaastaack - split by M.S.

This fairly new French label, called Slow Death Records, entered the scene quietly and it slowly makes a name for itself.The label follows a certain theme. A simplistic artwork, red paper and strange images, are the pattern which most releases follow.
This is one of those releases, a split CDr between Dead Body Collection, and Ekunhaashaastaack, two expereinced artists, whose names should be familiar to everyone.The cover art features a strange photo of two masked persons holding a scepter of sorts.

First track, entitled "Somnolence" comes from DBC, and runs for nearly 38 minutes. It starts off with a silent, choked crackle, that goes on up to the 01 minute mark, almost resembling an intro. Then a strong static burst of heavy, thick judder comes in, slowly blending in with the mentioned layer, creating a dense mixture of harsh static, complemented by low bass in the background. After the 11-th minute, the judder is gone, leaving a layer of pitched harsh static, that is, again, cut off by another burst of thick static, this time with more bassivity in it, which makes it somewhat more brutal. These cuts are appearing two more times through the wall, each time with a more pitched layer of harsh static penetrated by a thick judder, each time bringing in more bassivity, making the track progress in a brutal way.
I have a feeling that these cuts that appear through the wall are not necessary, and that this good wall could be great, if only the concept was carried out differently.

For the other half of the split, Ekunhaashaastaack, with the 38 minute track named "L'Homme En Noir", a pitched maelstorm of harsh static, with patches of strong bass blows. The wall is somehow fast, and easily entrancing, resembling a weird storm of harsh, pitched static, mixed with distant detonations of bassivity. This violent track will keep your attention all the way until it's end, leaving you wanting more.

Dead Body Collection offers us a good wall, with, unfortunately, badly executed concept, which could have been way better, while Ekunhaashaastaack gives us a violent and hextic wall, making it the better of the two.

by M.S.

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