HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

No contact.

Nice review from Roger Batty for Dead Body Collection / Å - Pus

The charmingly entitled “PUS” is a four CDR box set which brings together the highly prolific and sonically ferocious Serbian HNW project Dead Body Collection, and French brutal sonic anarchist HNW project Å. Each project firstly offers up a hour plus piece on the first two discs, then on the last two discs they deconstruct and rape each others work in another hour long piece per disc-so in total you have just over four and a half hours worth of brutal and total unrelenting walled noise on offer here.

Like most of the releases put out on the French AnarchoFreaksProduction label the DVD case features great & atmospheric black ‘n’ white photograph taken by the labels head(Greg whose also the mind behind Å). This time around the pictures' of a moss, lime scale or white gunk covered wall; which nicely gives the box a grim, sickly, and semi-organic feel about.

On the first disc in the set we find Dead Body Collection’s greatly titled “I'll Drink White Fluid From Your Dead Body” which finds the Serbian project offering up a single seventy eight minute track of rapid, searing, and truly nasty walled noise matter. The ‘wall’ is built around a billowing ‘n’ roaring gallop, that’s mixed with a juddering and slightly rip ‘n’ catching noise tone. To me the track brings to mind two or three constantly running surgical saws cutting through mounds of clothing covered bodies- with ever so often the saw catching as it meets clothing, hair, bone or difficult to cut organs. The ‘wall’ remains thick, unbreakable and unchanging through-out it's lenght; with DBC certainly building a very grim and violent ‘wall’ of hypnotizing walled matter.

Disc two finds Å presenting us with a track entitled “Trépanation”- this track lasts just over the hour mark, and it finds this French project offering up a extreme dense ‘n’ crusty wall of mid-paced static. This ‘wall’ is built around the meeting of several crusty ‘n’ judder bound near identical noise patterns, which Å uses like a thick web of sound to wrap around you. It's really a great overwhelming and moorish track, which along it’s brutal sonic path alters it’s pitch slightly, adds in a few great off tone/ pattern static crunchers and violent jitters here and there; but for the most part stays wonderfully fixed and extreme dense in it’s make-up. Think of been in a endless down pour of just liquid cerement, and you come close to what this feels like.

Disc three finds an Å track been deconstruction by Dead Body Collection; I’m guessing it’s Trépanation from disc two, as there are similarities in the tracks structure and textures. This track is called “I'll Still Drink White Fluid From Your Dead Body” and it comes in at the sixty three mintue mark. This ‘wall’ is mixture of two layers of similar sounding semi bass bound juddering noise, which is underfed by a slightly smaller and more crusty bound static jitter. It feels like a great mixture between boiling liquid and hacking static tonality, again it’s very hypnotic slice of wall making, as your mind really gets entranced by the interlocking patterns, and just like the other tracks here it’s fair solid & unmoving in it’s sonic state.

Lastly we have disc four which finds an Dead Body Collection been deconstruction By Å, and this track is entitled “Ecartèlement”. I’m guess this must be Å feeding DBC first discs track back through his noise systems, as this track sounds like a slowed and droned out version of “I'll Drink White Fluid From Your Dead Body”. The ‘wall’ threads together a billowing ‘n’ galloping noise tone with a slightly catching ‘n’ tearing judder. Instead of the wizzing surgical saw feel of the first disc, this feels like a constant grinding wheel churning as if one human face after another is been put against the and ripped down to the bone. So this disc offers up another very lengthy, unmoving and rewarding track- though this ‘wall’ somehow does’nt feel quite as entrancing or engross as the others in the collection, but it still mangers to keep me locked into it's thick texture over it's full lenght

So if you dig extremely thick, nasty and unmoving HNW matter this four box set is certainly worth picking up. A totaly crushing and enchasing collection that's sadly only ltd to twenty copies- drop in here to make sure you get one before there all gone!

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty

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