HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

Contact: fromfuneralskies @

Review from Roger Batty for Dead Body Collection / Gigant - Split

This split double disc release offers up an album a piece of thick and dense static worship from these two unrelenting and extreme Serbian based HNW acts.

First off before we get to the punishing walls of static, it’s worth mentioning the great simple, minimalistic & arty yet highly effective packaging the two discs come-in. The discs sit in a see-through double DVD case that has white tracing paper sleeve. The on the front the sleeve features just the projects names and a simple black square with a picture of a brick wall in it. There's simple lettering and shapes on the spine(which relate to each disc inside), and on the back there's just the labels logo and name- so a really nice stripped yet arty bit of package that very nicely fits the HNW brand.

On disc one (or the circle disc as it’s marked) we have a single untitled track from the highly prolific and total unforgiving Dead Body Collection. This track runs just shy of eighty minutes mark and it’s truly unrelenting, and wonderfully encasing slice of walled matter. The ‘wall’ starts off with a quick sliding in rush of roasting static tone before it locks down into it’s main and fixed state which is a very thick and suffocating mixture of: fast rolling ‘n’ roast static drone and rapid juddering static repetition. The track feels like your climbing up a endless mountain of pure static, and you never seem to reach it's top. As the juddering element brings to mind almost slipping and sliding footsteps as you try to reach the mountain's peak

Onto the second disc(or the square disc as it’s marked) and we have a seventy four minute track from Gigant. This ‘wall’ is mainly based around a focused & bass bound juddering static tone, which really seems to penetrated right deep into your body and mind with it’s cold and unrelenting intent. Ever so often you get slightly ghosting sub-tones and lower tone jitters coming off the main tone, but really this is all about focused and punishing single strand static bass toned worship. As with the first disc this is really total unmoving, unchanging and devastating in it’s feel, and it also leaves your head nicely buzzing for a few moments after it’s finshed!

So this set offers up two very lengthy, total hopeless and unrelenting slices of prime Serbian wall-making. This is certainly not for those who only have a passing interest in the HNW form, this is for your seasoned ‘wall-head” who wants to total submerge themselves in unmovable and thick static fields of fixed noise.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty

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