HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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Review for Dental Butchery (Endodontics Madness) from great Roger Batty

Here is a review of Dental Butchery (Endodontics Madness) [Vomit Bucket Productions] from Musique Machine:

The wonderfully entitled ‘Dental Butchery (Endodontics Madness)’ finds Serbian based Dead Body Collection(aka Dr Alex who’s also in the excellent Harsh Noise & HNW two piece C. T. D .) offering up two lengthy twenty five minute slices of thick and rewarding HNW matter with a distinctive clinical yet sadistic air to them; like the sonic equivalent of psychotic dentist calmly and methodically removing your teeth at random as your mouth over fills with blood, stringing gum flesh and severed nerve endings.

The first ‘Untitled’ track takes in just over the twenty eight minutes of tense sound torture with Dr Alex offering up a mid- pace red dripping ‘wall’ that’s made up of a tightly weaved almost meaty synth juddering, controlled jittering static loops and slight hints of higher pitched wheel revolutions. Dr Alex loops and revolves these elements in a mainly unformed, tight and precise manner that makes for a very hypnotic and trance inducing ‘wall’ as your mind links onto first one element; then another to follow there patterns through each tones sonic arch, repetition and individual detail

The second ‘Untitled’ track runs at just shy of the twenty five minute mark and really starts off from where track one ended with a very similar mix of tones. But this similarity is brief as soon the track becomes a lot more aggravated, larger and seared in it’s sadistic judder and jitter cycle - it still keeps in a semi pattern/structure but it becomes a lot more inflamed and over flowing in it’s feel-giving the sonic equivalent of trying to stopping choking on your own blood and debris that overflowing your mouth as the denist removes more and more teeth. At about the thirteen minute mark it sudden stops for a mill second then starts off with a new conveyer belt electro purr looped tone meets more jittering static tonality. This new development is fine, but I felt the link between one ‘wall’ to the next felt a little awkward and jarring, and I’d also liked to have seen were Dr Alex went with the first ‘wall’ as it got more agitated and raw. Anyway the rest of the track really loops out the new ‘wall’ in a effective and hypnotic manner with the more juddering element coming slightly more to the forefront of the track. On a whole the track keeps it’s path, through it does do one more rather jarring and slightly annoying stop and start before it ends.

So another two highly worthy ‘walls’ from the very prolific of late Dead Body collection; it’s just a pity the second track has such an awkward and almost clumsy stop and start situation mid way through and towards the end as it does breack it’s hypnotising course somewhat. Never the less two very compertent and enjoyble 'walls'.

Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5

by Roger Batty

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