HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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One more review for Bachir Gemayel / Dead Body Collection split

Here is a review of Bachir Gemayel / Dead Body Collection - Snipers / Knives [Hoarse Records] from Wall maniacs issue no. 1:

Bachir Gemayel + Dead Body Collection - Split

This one is on a label from Holland called Hoarse Records. Bachir Gemayel is the performer from the Power Electronics group Koufar. He lives in Chicago and makes Harsh Noise that is thematically focused on Lebanese Nationalism. His contribution to this release is a track titled "Snipers," and it has a fiery and scorching sound to it with a fullness that only occasionally goes so far into the red as to induce additional distortion. The sound is very organic and thick, similar to the powerful electronic walls presented by Bachir Gemayel during live performances. The basic sound is like a burning or collapsing of something, occasionally met with a digitized sort of skipping distortion. BG very successfully puts forth the sound of guerrilla warfare and militancy on this all-to-brief nearly twenty-minute track that evokes burning gunpowder and spent rifle shells. Much like Insurgent (reviewed above) this is very dynamic with some elements of harsh PE. At times the glitches inserted into the music resembles elements of harsh techno remixing, inserted into the HNW mix in a manner that still retains the traditional harsh wall. Toward the end of the track things explode into a frenzy fittingly climaxing in destructive force. Very powerful and emotional material. Dead Body Collection is a man from Eastern Europe named Dr. Alex who provides strict HNW with a very scientific, almost Nazi doktor kind of feel to it. Completely psychotic and inhuman. Dr. Alex rides this release out with some sick and impenetrable walls that campaign against the very idea of dynamism. Constant and unchanging, threatening and cold just like death. Extremely violent and sadistic walls that bring the harshness in a way that is in no manner relaxing or calming. Much more scientific and impersonal than the music of BG, these two artists work together well, showing the great potential in HNW for diversity within what is accused of being a rigid genre.

by Joseph Gates

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