HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

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Review for Bachir Gemayel / Dead Body Collection split

Here is a review of Bachir Gemayel / Dead Body Collection - Snipers / Knives [Hoarse Records] from Heathen Harvest:

Bachir Gemayel + Dead Body Collection - Split

Holland brings us a great pairing of two very different current Harsh Noise Wall heavyweights, Bachir Gemayel and Dead Body Collection. Bachir Gemayel is both a famously martyred Lebanese political and military leader as well as a HNW project based out of Chicago. The alter ego of the militant Power Electronics outfit Koufar, Bachir Gemayel ups the intensity factor of that already tense and angry project one-thousandfold in cascading and all-encompassing walls with this amazing sound project. I was fortunate enough to see this artist live last summer and am pleased to tell you that it was many times more powerful than even this great recording. The live performance was trademarked by a visceral wall of crackling electronic power that typifies the most powerful of the HNW artists. Bachir Gemayel is thoroughly devoted to the noisemaking craft and revels in the power and harsh beauty of dedication to total sound.

This particular recording, titled “Snipers,” opens with a sound that is evocative of someone shuffling in the dark through a pile of discarded ammunition shells after a particularly vicious round of combat. The track quickly builds up into a ferocious workout of constant firepower as the physically metallic sounds echo and blend into a waterfall of crashing electronic walls. Pulverizing the eardrums becomes the primary concern of this artist as the track dedicates the rest of its duration to complete and total mind and ear dissolution. The noise on this release is not immediately identifiable in source but has a grand and eloquent quality that goes beyond words. A highly recommended HNW artist that will appeal to fans of ‘pure harsh noise’ as well.

Dead Body Collection brings us two long and dedicated pulverizers from Dr. Alex of Serbia. New to my ears, these walls have a surgical and sadistic precision that is very different from the cathartic and human walls of Bachir Gemayel. This music is very cold and harsh, like the soundtrack to some sort of eviceration and processing plant. Very awesome and obsessed contribution from Mr. Dr. Alex that demonstrates a complete and refined sickness and derangement of all senses. The good doctor has an innate understanding of the unlearnable fascination that makes for the finest in wall sound. This is a fantastic release that should obtain your attention immediately.

by Vargr Wulf

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