HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

Contact: fromfuneralskies @

Review for Post-Mortem Examination

Here is a review of Dead Body Collection - Post-Mortem Examination [Toxic Industries - 2010] from Musique Machine:

Dead Body Collection is a Serbian based one man HNW project that specializes in thick, crusty & suffocating ‘walls’ of noise. The project has only been in existence for under a year & ‘Post-Mortem Examination’ is their third release…though Dr Alex(who is Dead Body Collection) is also in power electronics meets weird noise duo [C. T. D.] who’s work goes back to 2008.

‘Post-Mortem Examination’ offers up nearly seventy minutes worth of tense, flesh pounding & thick HNW matter; with three separate untitled tracks that fall between the twenty minute & twenty five minute mark a piece. Track ones ‘wall’ is built around a slow tar boiling roll ‘n’ rumble that’s jittered & bucked by smaller static jumps ‘n’ sears. The track remains fairly constant & unchanging through-out it’s lengthy, though it nicely swamps & engulfs your head over its punishing & airless length. Track two rams- in with another thick ‘wall’ of sound that's built around two main noise tones; one mid-pace ripping static loop & a longer earth drill rumbling tone. Like the first track it’s very focused on building a mainly thick unshifting wall of sound, through the first static ripping tone does move a pitch or two over the tracks length which knots up the tension nicely.

Lastly track three track comes in with a more hectic, tight & rapid moving series of static & juddering noise tones which have an almost seared, amped-up & thick electroinca or bassy analogue synth feel about them. The track really nicely crowds and fills your listening space with so many interlocking & overlaying, yet crisp & nasty layers of static crunch, crackle & judder. All of which gives one a very nice pin-in & trapped feeling, also it makes your mind whirl nicely as you try & follow the different tone patterns & shapes.

‘Post-Mortem Examination’ gives you three rewarding, thick & hypnotic tracks that nicely vary from each other, yet they keep a consistent dense, oppressive & often sinister air through-out. This is my first taster of this project & it certainly won’t be my last- yet another great act in the seemingly weekly growing HNW scene.

Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5Rating: 3  out of 5

by Roger Batty

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