HNW disturbances from Serbia
Project name: Dead Body Collection
Project member: Dr Alex
Birth: August 16 2009
Death: April 20 2016

No contact.

Hundredtwentiethninth release of Dead Body Collection

Maxima Vulva C40 is out on Porn Noise Records!!

2 brutal and crunchy HNW tracks influenced by Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac movies.

Artwork / Collage by Jan Warnke.

Limited to 50 copies.

Hundredtwentietheighth release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection & Masturbatory Dysfunction - The Necrophiles Split/Collaboration C60 is out on Geraeuschmanufaktur!!
"The Necrophiles" is a collaboration / split between HNW masters Dead Body Collection and Masturbatory Dysfunction. Nearly sixty battering minutes of torque that steadily build from intensity into monstrosity! Three tracks of galloping lower-to-mid ranged noise textures and static tonality. Truly imperturbable & extremely brutal HNW!

Pro-dubbed high-bias cassette tape with very special cover.
Limited to 50 copies.

Review for Dead Body Collection - Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven from Roger Batty

From April 2015  here we have a double C80 cassette box set that brings together a selection of out-of-print releases from this highly prolific Serbian walled noise project. The set compiles  together tracks from nine 3inch CDR releases, which appeared between the years 2010 & 2012 on various underground noise labels. The box set came in a edition of 50 copies. The two professional duplicated & printed tapes come in a fairly bulky yet squat white vinyl case- the outside of this features a macabre orange paper collage sleeve artwork which takes in a mix of pictures of grotesque face lumps, insects, and medical book diagrams of cut open bodies. The set also includes a pro printed 8 page black & white/ glossy inlay booklets, and this features pictures of the project along with full details of each release. All in all a really nice looking item, which is sadly now out of print with the label, but as of writing there are a few copies available of discogs. Or you can download the whole release over at DBC's bandcamp page here

The release runs in chronological order, and each track has a running time between the ten to twenty minute mark.  First up we have on side A we have two tracks, and first of these is "Néant Gris"- this track originally appeared back in 2010 on French wall-noise label anarchofreaksproduction. The  tracks a fairly typically, though rewardingly intense slice of fixed HNW- it brings together a deep buzzing roast, with a grimy & grim dense static grind, all to create a oppressive & densely seared wall.   The second track on side A comes in the form of “Incomplete Fracture”- this originally appeared on Ireland’s Bored Bear recordings also in 2010. The track finds a deep churning & slightly industrial like worming drone, that is edged by a continual circling mass of chopping & slightly juddering noise tones.

Flipping over to side B, and first up we have the track "I'm Nothing", and once again this track appeared in 2010- this time on French power electronics/ Harsh Noise label  Corrosive Art Records. The ‘wall’ is a boorish, muffled & crushing mix of deep, bone-grind & rapid bass rumble, and this skittered with a twisting & hazed  maelstrom of billowing, cluttering & coarse grained noise matter. Second on side B we have “Her Nails Against My Skin”, and once again this is from 2010 & appeared on the SSIP PISS label.  This track brings together a  truly massive & punishing bass bound billow, and these is strewn with buried & muffled noise elements taking in ringing & moody semi harmonics, clamouring  yet hazed judders, and pelting hammerings. The track is a great balance of truly battering intensity, and more moody/ buried undercarriage.
Moving onto tape two & side C, and first up we have "This Is The Hell That You Created For Me", which comes from 2012 & the British Quagga Curious Sounds label. This track is a bit of a departure from the projects normal overloaded; bass bound, and mainly fixed sound. As starts off been built around a mix of pared back rushing wind textures, and layers of building & growing billowing & juddering noise textures. over time the track builds up it’s density & depth, though it does still thin back, and through-out retains quite a atmospheric & seared emotional  feel.  Second on side C we have “I´d Fallen Before, But It Never Hurt Like This”- this track is from 2012, and appeared on Us noise label Violent Noise Atrocities. It brings together a thick constantly boiling bass of  taut billow, with a thin haze of skittering ‘n’ spinning noise matter.
Flipping over to the last side, and we have three more  tracks. First of these is "The World Is A Beautiful Place...", and this comes from 2012 & was the first track on SSIP PISS release I Have Such Sights to Show You. This track brutally melds of rattling ‘n’ rumble bass descent, with grating mid-ranged junk metal repetition. Second up we the other track from the I Have Such Sights to Show You, and this comes in the form of "...To Be Trapped Inside". This sees a thick & bothersome blend of  two bass bound, murky, and blunt tones- we have a deep aquatic billowing & slightly crust bound juddering. Last up on side D we have "A Constellation Of Scars", and this originally appeared in 2012 on German label L White Records which mainly puts out power electronic releases.  This ‘wall’  brings together a mid-paced churning ‘n’  juddering blunt bass base, with a cluttering ‘n’ grinding top layer of mid range static.
So in summing this is tape set is really a great bringing together of some the shorter releases from this most  highly prolific & mostly extreme brutal walled noise project. Sure it’s not the most varied sounding of releases, but there is enough variation from track to track to make it worthy, and it’s great to have these tracks all in one place, and in a rather neat looking box set.
Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty

Hundredtwentiethseventh release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection / Willowbrook - Split C60 is out on Signora Ward Records!!
One of the best HNW act again on Signora Ward Records.
Pure HNW from this 2 great HNW acts.
No master, only death!

Artwork by Dr Alex.

Limited to 50 copies.

Hundredtwentiethsixth release of Dead Body Collection

Quite Unreachable Hell 7" vinyl is out on 4iB Records!!

This 7" release was recorded during a very emotionally unsettling period of bleakness and hopelessness for prolific Serbian harsh noise wall act Dead Body Collection, otherwise known as Aleksandar Nenad. Just like a stormy vortex, the listener slowly gets sucked into a disturbing emotional experience of an ever ascending wall of dark and uneasy noise abyss. You can almost feel the anguish through the hypnotic and suicidal atmospheres manifested by the relentless wall of amplified grind and sonic vibrations. Once again, Dead Body Collection continues to stand as one of the more serious purveyors of the HNW scene. With the effective manipulation of rumbling static textures and deafening sonic intensities, these multitude layers of distorted monolithic noise frequencies eventually crush the listener into a state of hellish delirium.

Limited to 200 copies.

Hundredtwentiethfifth release of Dead Body Collection

Live Surgery 2012 is out on Maniacal Laugh net label!!

Recorded live on 23.12.2012. @ Klub Fest, Zemun, Serbia.
Walls by: Dr Alex
Recorded by: Ninoslav Filipović
This is a full untouched live recording. No edits were made.

Review for Dead Body Collection - Highway Of Tears from Roger Batty

Highways of Tears is the latest slice of blunt, brutal & unrelenting walled noise from this high prolific Serbian based project.  It comes in the form of a C40 cassette tape on French noise label Autistic Campaign, in an edition of 50 copies.
The release takes it’s name & theme from a 800-mile stretch of Canadian road, where around 43 women have gone missing/ or  have been murdered over a 30 year period. And both ‘walls’ here are suitably bleak, battering, and hopeless to fit the releases theme.

The doubled sided labelled cassette comes in a white sleeve, that features blood red text/ landscape pictures (taken near the highway). With a secondary tracing paper front cover featuring one of five different pictures of one of the victims, with their eyes crossed out- there are 10 copies of each variation. The whole thing is topped off with a inlay card with track information, and a hand number in red pen ink.

Side A’s track is entitled "The Suffering Of Strangers". This track pulls together a deep & bone rumbling  bass drone, with layers of simple yet effective jittering ‘n’ juddering on top.  The whole thing is akin to the amp-up sound  of a massive earth boring machine, and it makes ones brain feel like it’s been continual drilled & brutal vibrated in your skull.

Side B’s track is "The Agony Of Friends", and this ‘wall’ brings together a compressed & tightly rolled bass judder, with several layers of similar patterned buzzing grey static jittering- these elements are both weaved into a seemingly continual slowing wall( though I think this is purely a trick of the track, and in reality the whole thing is fairly firm). The 'wall' has a wonderfully constricting & highly oppressive weighty-ness to it, and it really does seem to make ones listener space feel airless & terminal bleak.  Both tracks here are satisfying in  their intensity & bleakness, but I think this second track is my favourite of the two, as it has such a crushing & suffocating feel to it.

So in summing if you are after incredible bleak & intense walled noise, which  is totally immersed  in a feeling of complete hopeless-ness & crushing stark sonic weight Highway Of Tears is worth checking in with. 

Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5Rating: 3 out of 5

by Roger Batty

Hundredtwentiethfourth release of Dead Body Collection

Highway Of Tears C30 is OUT on Autistic Campaign!!
Known as one of the masters of HNW, "Highway Of Tears" is a new release by the highly prolific alias of Serbian noise-maker. The sonic result is two slices of brutally thick and unforgiving static noise. DEAD BODY COLLECTION has experimented a lot with Noise Wall textures, and those two tracks here offer some smothering bass and noise strata of serious intensity.

Comes with j-card inlay and an insert, plus an extra cover picture of an eyes-crossed woman face, printed on tracing paper. There are five different versions of those tracing paper images, so 10 copies of each variation in total of 50 copies.

Review for V. A. - Nylon HNW from Yeah I Know It Sucks

The latest super limited (only 100 copies!) sexy cassette release on the well-known Signora Ward records is one that will sell out in a blink of an eye. The label simply brings you the very best by compiling a brand new must have compilation of HNW super stars. Vomir, Richard Ramirez, The Rita, Tissa Mawartyassari, Masturbatory Dysfunction, Dead Body Collection, Nascitari, Anonymous Mastourbaudioum, Nylon Crush Cock & Wehrmacht Lombardo…

The Rita featuring Nylon Crush Cock has the honor to set the right mood by delivering an instant classic named ‘Nylon Crush Cock’ . The pleasantness of HNW gets a treatment than can only be described as ‘silky’. The warm hollowness really has that silky touch  to it, making it not only an outstanding work to settle your head in, but also in some way a sensual touchy experience. Is it odd to feel aroused by it?

I guess not as RICHARD RAMIREZ also hints big time in to the sexy zones of HNW. He delivers a work named ‘Cock Insertion’ which is also sounding very sexual. The track vibrates its warm static sound like a firm and proud erection. The crunch is sparkling and kind; as if the artist had managed to record the sound activity of balls producing sperm.

The legendary Vomir delivers a ‘untitled’ track in style, sounding full and hopeful like the sound of standing under refreshing cold waterfall with your legs unable to move. It’s very subtle sounding piece, making it a ideal track to switch yourself off too. Just relax, feel the Vomir noise falling on your naked body from above, until you feel fresh and reborn.

Tissa Mawartyassari delivers with a track named ‘nylon’. The work is more hissy in sound, but within it you can capture a nice rumble that makes me think of a warm steamy shower in the middle of a sterile jungle with potential rain clouds as the backdrop. It’s only fair to say that this work is also coming across as very sexy in its sound, perhaps because there is the feeling of warm fog, jungle animal lust and the general sexual attraction of nakedness. I don’t know what I’m typing as the music simply arouses me so much, that the blood in my head simply went elsewhere.

The only thing that might help is listening to Masturbatory Dysfunction’s track named ‘unsolved nylon brutality’, this work is violently hot, almost as if the HNW is burning an extra hole in both my ears. Once the task of burning is completed the track quickly moves along, basically leaving me with a double hearing that begs to hear more from where this burning sensation had come from.

Luckily this compilation also features ‘her own trivial lusts’ by ‘Dead Body Collection’ which sounds as a whole more aggressive and bold in sound than the previous heard instant HNW classics. It’s a work that rumbles upfront, crushing the vibe that you had and replaces it with a stable wall that simply sound as if it won’t bend , fall or crumble for any wrecking ball.

Nascitari’s onanismisolation is a sublime work; a fine track of ear scratching comfort that comes to me across as tiny fingers attached to a demons hand deeply stuck in both ears to intimate scratch and scratch to reduce inner itchiness and perhaps (if successful) to softly steal snippets of the brain for a pleasant way of lobotomy.

Anonymous Mastourbaudioum & Wehmacht Lombardo teamed up to bring the epic compilation to an end with their contribution named ‘Nylon Foot Job’. Of course this track brings a final touch of erotica to this HNW love fest. The sound is full on, effective in its crunchiness and pretty much worth an orgasm. So better get your savings money out of your sock or pair of panties, and order a copy of this must have compilation of HNW super stars before it’s all gone:

by: Simon Hit


Various Artists - Nylon HNW

Nylon HNW C60 is OUT on Signora Ward Records!!

The definitive HNW sampler with Vomir , The Rita, Dead Body Collection, Tissa Mawartyassari, Richard Ramirez, Nascitari, Anonymous Masturbaudioum, Wehrmacht Lombardo, Masturbatory Dysfunction.

Edition of 100 copies.

Hundredtwentieththird release of Dead Body Collection

When An Angel Breaks C20 is OUT on Palinopsia Recordings!!
'When An Angel Breaks' is a new c20 from HNW legend Dead Body Collection. Once again, DBC delivers crushing walls that will keep you playing this tape over and over again. Side A has 'By The Fire Of The Burning Angel' and if you listen closely you'll believe that there's a fire right in front of you, as you lose yourself in an inferno of noise. Over on side B we have the amazing 'Veins Of The Angel's Wings'. This wall is rapid, thrilling, a true relentless piece that leaves no survivors. Artwork is done by Dr Alex himself and is printed on pro card. 

Edition of 50 copies.

Hundredtwentiethsecond release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection / Uitgeschakeld - Split C60 is OUT on Palinopsia Recordings!!

Dead Body Collection has teamed up with Uitgeschakeld to bring the noise community a brilliant split tape that will make you lose sense of time. 'I Plunge My Hands In Fire And I Feel No Heat' is the gritty DBC track that takes up the first side. As always, Dr Alex gives us an intense piece of audio. Captivating in that it has a spacious quality in the background, while having a crackling noise that almost engulfs the listener in the foreground. Over on side B we have Uitgeschakeld's 'Towering Paralysis'. This track is stunning and a very good companion piece to side A. It's hypnotic and crushing, and leaves me wanting to hear more from Uitgeschakeld. All adorned with classic artwork by Dr Alex. 

Edition of 50 copies.

Hundredtwentiethfirst release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection / Radical Creation - Split C40 is OUT on Virrash!!

Split release from projects that offer articulations from differing strains of harsh noise. Dr Alex continues his wave of brutal HNW, a precise slab of refined wall - turn it up and ride 'til death! The Radical Creation side pursues more depressive necropolitical electronics, this release is focused on  Australia's disintegrating political landscape, from populist progressive right wing movements to the spectre of Islamic State for alienated muslim youth.

Edition of 50 copies.

Hundredtwentieth release of Dead Body Collection

Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven 2xC80 is OUT on New Approach Records and Narcolepsia!!

This set gathers eight long sold out 3”CD-R releases put out by labels such as AnarchoFreaksProduction, Quagga Curious Sounds or L. White Records. Covering many of the sounds Dead Body Collection has been dwelling in, from crisp to arid, from the heavily distorted to the massively impenetrable, this is both a good introduction to the project and an essential release for those who have been active and closely following its output.

Professionally duplicated tapes with on body printing, housed in a double box with a professionally printed 8 page booklet including all info from original releases.

A co-release between New Approach Records and Narcolepsia, in an edition of 50 copies.

Review for Dead Body Collection - Mental Martyrdom from Roger Batty

Mental Martyrdom offers up a sixty minute slice of urgent, manically swirling & intense walled noise from this long running & highly prolific Siberian based HNW project.
This release appeared way back in 2013 in CDR & digital format, and our copy has recently reappeared at M[m] HQ after a sort-out/ clear-up. And as it’s still available in digital format ( via DBC’s bandcamp)- I thought it was worthy of  a review.

The single track is built around a bothersome & brutal machine like bass judder- this is tautly wrapped by layers of buffeting, battering, and billowing sub-tones. The whole thing brings to mind been endless churned round & round inside a vast & aged industrial wash machine, or dryer. The bass juddering is satisfyingly brutalizing in it’s endless raging mass, while the sub-tones create a entrancing yet intense continual spiral.

With this release DBC mangers to create an intense & endless ranging vortex like storm of a ‘wall that mangers to suck you in while creating a great feeling of taut intensity. As this release dates back to 2013, I’m afraid it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to source a physical copy of the cdr, but it’s still available as digital download- so head over to here to get hold of a copy.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty

Review for The Rita / Dead Body Collection - split 7" from Martin P

This seven-inch distills two very famous names in HNW down to around five minutes each - not a duration that either is too well-acquainted with! Both The Rita and Dead Body Collection should hopefully be recognisable to you, as quality wall practitioners and the two labels involved do them proud; presenting a very professionally put together package. The stark, back and white design, features lots of photographs of stockings - in myriad forms; as well as one picture of some frogmen carrying out a raid, using manned torpedos: both themes which should be recognisable to fans of the two projects. Both acts get a side each of black vinyl, to work their magic. (According to the “Discogs” website, the vinyl was unfortunately incorrectly stickered; with each side labelled as the other project’s side…)
“SLC Engine Decima MAS” is the offering from The Rita. It begins with an odd, warbling tone; which largely lies murkily buried, under grainy crackle, with moments where it concentrates and rises forth. After a short while, this cuts to staccato chunks of rough, skipping textures; before opening out again into an agitated wall with many layers. Its an engaging end to an engaging piece. Five minutes is really not a long time, for HNW, but The Rita’s track makes very good use of it. Flipping over to Dead Body Collection’s “Morte, Amore, Morte”, we have an equally fine piece of work. It begins with stuttering, scuffing textures, split between the speakers; with one more kinetic than the other. After a few minutes, the more measured channel explodes into grittier life, before breaking even further open; by which point, the opposing speaker is concentrating on a limping, lurching, low-end crawl. Its not the usual rush and blast that we might expect from Dead Body Collection, but its a very effective, even creepy, wall.
I must admit to having mixed feelings on HNW seven-inches - I’ve always liked the format itself, but the restricted duration would seem to be incongruent with some of the virtues of a wall. However, both artists sturdily dispel such thoughts, here; with pieces that make no concessions, but display the best qualities of HNW. Indeed, one of the “pleasures” of a seven-inch is constantly flipping it over and over, replaying it and that very act, here, concentrates the listeners mind very well on the decisions that the two projects have made. It promotes a notion of active engagement with HNW, rather than a more detached “zoning-out”. So, given the visible availability of this release, its pretty much to be considered compulsory purchasing…

Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5Rating: 5 out of 5

by Martin P

Hundredninth release of Dead Body Collection

Dead Body Collection / SBTDOH - Split C60 OUT Shrouded Recordings!!

Using a creative cover concept this tape looks to be of top quality as well as both artists push together harsh noisy walls with utter thunder, each with a few surprises from both camps. Great for those seeking long form noise cassettes to loose yourself in. 100% hand made with attention to every detail as those who have previously purchased Shrouded Recordings releases are accustom to. Each artifact is created as if it were the only one ever made. Combining artists almost words apart physically, the Serbian HNW master Dead Body Collection offers up a 28:19 'Remembrance of Fear.' A monster of a track just short of half an hour that begins with an amazing sample to set the stage for the entire tapes themes. While the isolationist experimentalist from Milwaukie, OR (USA) SBTDOH drags out 'Carcas' 30:30 delving further into his take on ritualistic trances of walls resembling the mans personal journey himself. As SBTDOH is delving more into cognitive heretical sorcery, the tracks theme is laid out and left for all to view the remains of a once healthy living being, now filled with spirits of the dead.

Limited to 50 copies.

Review for Dead Body Collection - Witch's Ashes Scattered By The Wind from Roger Batty

Here’s a recent cassette release from Dead Body Collection- an extremely prolific & (mostly) uncompromisingly brutal walled noise project from Serbian.  It comes in the form of a C46 tape on Australia’s Palinopsia Recordings- with each side of tape featuring a single slice of intense & unmoving HNW. The white cassette features a small stuck on colour label, and a hand number- mines 24/50. The sleeve is a pro printed double sided colour affair, which features a flame based photo-scape, and on it’s inside is a paragraph of text about the burning of a witch.
As the releases title & artwork suggest this release is themed around witch burning, and each side opens up with a brief minute or so dialogue sample taking from an old witch hunter movie.
First up on side A we have “May Your Body Be Consumed By Eternal Fire!”, & after the brief sample we kick into the ‘wall’ . It mixes together a taut & slightly muffled weave of  distant descending  roaring rumble, which has a layer of jittering ‘n’ juddering semi-crisp texturing warped around it. The rumble/ roar produces a nice stark & searing feel, while the jittering & juddering element creates this sonic allusion that the whole thing is slowing & bunching-up together; but in reality the ‘wall’ is firm & fixed. 
Flipping over to side B we have “Whore, Strumpet, Hypocrite!”. This track is built around a rushing, deep & distant billowing, which is wrapped in alternating layers of tumbling juddering- these sit in a fair narrow lower-to-mid range bracket. The billow creates a nice stark & windswept barren-ness, while the layers of juddering create this sonic allusion of slowing or dragged-out breaking texturing, which is most compelling. This ‘wall’ very much conjures up vivid images of a flesh slowly cooking, melting & roasting in a mass of uncontrolled flame.

All in all this is another rewarding & entrancing collection of  fixed walled noise brutality from DBC. With both ‘walls’ summoning up a  worthy mix of searing intensity, and bleak starkness which nicely fits the witch torturing theme of the release very well.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty

Review for Dead Body Collection - I Have Eternity To Know Your Flesh CD from Roger Batty

Here we have the first ever CD release from  this highly prolific Serbian walled noise project. Dead Body Collection started in 2009, and has gone onto release a truly huge body of work taking in come on for a hundred twenty releases.  The projects discography takes in box sets( both tape & CDR), stand lone CDRs, tapes, splits, and vinyl…but this release is the projects first ever CD release, and it appears on Germanys Geraeuschmanufaktur label.

The release features four tracks in all- first up you have “Eternity Through The Flesh”, and this takes up the lion share of the release with a running time of forty three minutes.  The other three tracks are shorter ‘walls’ coming in at just under the ten minute mark, and each of these finds DBC collaborating with another well respected & known wall noise artist.
So first up we have “Eternity Through The Flesh”, and this ‘wall’ consists of a taut, rapid & unmoving low-end billowing ‘n’ battering base. This is topped off with tight weave of the following textures: A fixed violent wind rushing, a caustic pelting mid- range static lashing, and a few layers of fixed yet very taut ice like crackings.  It literal feel like you are in the centred of a raging winter storm; that is engulf all your senses completely & utterly. All in all it’s a suitable extreme & intense ride, with the weaved web of textural extremes making this a rewarding & numbing ride.
Track two “When Dead Skin Corrodes” sees DBC teaming up with wall noise originator &  harsh noise legend The Rita(aka  Canadian  Sam Mckinlay).  And this track is based around truly imperturbable & extremely dense weave mid paced battering wind like tones- to start with it all feels very much focused around similar mid-range tonal setting, but as the track progress I seem to start making out more & more layers of very slight different roasting 'n' billow winding like tones. Whether these are really there, or are just a trick of the ‘wall’ I’m not sure, but it’s certainly a truly intense & all engulfing bit of ‘wall-craft’.
Track three comes in the form of “Her Eyes Closed Forever, I'm At Peace”, and this finds DBC teaming up with Werewolf Jerusalem- which is of course one of the most know projects of Texas noise legend Richard Ramirez.  This ‘wall’ brings together three or possible four layers of galloping lower-to-mid ranged noise textures, which is ebbed with thinner fixed jittering static tonality. This track feels like one is been  rode over  by a unstopping rush of wild horses, yet the clever thing about it is that it continual feels like it’s slowing in down in it’s centre, yet it still seem to remain fixed in both it’s speed & textural make-up- all making an engrossing yet head screwing bit of wall craft.
Lastly we have “The Savoring Of Loneliness”, and this find DBC collaborating with the black bagged king of French walled noise Vomir. This track brings together a thinner & slightly hazed fixed billow, with two of three layers of rushing yet thinner noise grain.  This track feels a little less dense than the other track, yet no less intense. Once again it has quite a storm bound vibe to it, but this time it feels like you are endless trudging through a hot &  furnace  blasting sand storm.
When the release original came out late last year in came in three editions: 1: A standard CD edition( which I’m reviewing), 2: special edition- which featured the CD  additional tape coming in a wax-sealed "funeral" envelope( this had was ltd to ten copies). 3: Die Hard edition- with the CD coming in a black wooden box with an additional cassette and a little figurine( this was ltd to 5 copies). Both of the  can still ltd edition are now out of print, but the standard edition( ltd to 100 copies is still available).
It’s always great to see less limited numbered releases like this appearing on the walled noise scene, as hopefully this kind of thing will expand both the scenes fans & bringing new artists into the scene too. All told this is a great introduction to the work of DBC, and the HNW scene in general.

Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5Rating: 4 out of 5

by Roger Batty